Storm Dog Tactical L.L.C.
Tactical K9 Division of Storm Dog K9 Training L.L.C.
Control, Focus and Commitment !
We don't expect it, We demand it from our dogs !



I’m Mike Pennington, C.E.O. and founder of Storm Dog Training L.L.C., a disabled law enforcement owned company located in Sunbury, Ohio.  Storm Dog Tactical is a division of Storm Dog K9 Training L.L.C. specifically dedicated to police k9 training and tactical K9 operations.  I have been a police K9 trainer for 12 years and spent 14 years on SWAT as an operator where I was charged with the following responsibilities; breaching, impact munitions instructor, less lethal munitions instructor, high risk man tracking instructor and tactical K9 operations for SWAT. I personally handled a dog for our team for 8 years, deploying on most every mission.  This is where I learned that every mission, Its responsibilities, and use of K9 are different. In other words, you would not deploy a dog with a team doing a dynamic entry in the same way you would deploy with a team handling a barricaded subject.  It was these real live experiences where I found having a dog’s CONTROL, FOCUS AND COMMITTEMENT was paramount in K9 use, SWAT integration, tactical team trust, respect and most importantly being an ACTIVE TEAM MEMBER.....not just a Handler with a dog.


If you are looking to start up a New K9 Program in your Department we have staff who specialize in full K9 Program development.  We have consulted many departments with start up of both single and dual purpose programs.  No department who has contracted us for program set up, development, k9 selection and training has failed. 


We offer pre-tested and fully trained K9s for law enforcement, government/military, federal agencies, and private security companies.  Storm Dog Training is certified by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and The Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy as a police K9 school and training facility. We are a professional member of The International Association of Canine Professionals.  We offer OPOTA police K9 team certifications for single and dual purpose working dogs as well as National K9 Certifications through Drug Beat.  Certifications are also available for Private K9 Companies upon request.   


We now offer Expert K9 Witness Testimony for Law Enforcement Agencies, Prosecutors and Attorney's at Law. 


1.    Single Purpose Patrol, Explosive, Narcotic Detection or Tracking
2.    Dual Purpose
3.    Special Operations
4.    Cadaver
5.    Correction K9
6.    Search and Rescue
7.    Weapons Detection
8.    Bed Bug Detection
9.    Mold Detection


1.    Full Police K9 Program Development
2.    Single Purpose Patrol, Tracking or Detection (Narcotic or Explosive) K9 Course
3.    Dual Purpose Police K9 Course
4.    Tactical Patrol Dog Class
5.    Urban K9 Tracking / Air Scent
6.    Rural K9 Tracking / Air Scent
7.    Explosive / Narcotic K9 Detection Seminar
8.    Basic Police K9 Decoy Seminar
9.    Advanced Police K9 Decoy Seminar
10.  Problem Solving L.E. K9 issues and Behavior Modification
11.  Advanced Patrol K9 Course

For Tactical / SWAT K9 Courses visit the Tactical K9 Ops tab above. 

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